Parquet Flooring
  Parquet Flooring Returns To Favor

Parquet is back. With its striking tonal patterns and contrasting visuals, parquet flooring is a classic. This style floor has a long history ¨C dating back nearly three centuries. Tour a European mansion or chateau, and you¡¯ll likely find yourself walking on high-end parquet squares. But parquet floors also fit with today's home styles - from traditional to contemporary

The Look Of Parquet Floors

"Parquet" refers to any detailed woodblock floor pattern. These floors are made with short pieces of hardwood that are arranged in a decorative pattern to create a mosaic effect. Popular parquet designs include basket-weave, brickwork and lozenge shapes. Updated herringbone and chevron patterns are also finding their way into homes, as homeowners seek new ways to express their personal style



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