Herringbone Flooring
  What is Herringbone flooring?

Herringbone pattern wood flooring is different than standard hardwood floors in a couple of ways. The first is that herringbone wood flooring is made up of planks that are all the same length (fixed length). The other is that herringbone flooring features what is called a double end-groove, meaning the planks have a groove on both ends instead of having a groove on one end, and a tongue on the other. If a herringbone floor board had a tongue on one end you would not be able to install it in the herringbone pattern. This special pattern flooring creates a very upscale look and brings significant ambiance to an area.

Herringbone History

Herringbone floors have rich history as a traditional floor pattern in Europe. It can be installed in several configurations, with or without a border. A popular variation of the herringbone, called Chevron or French herringbone, is prominent in many prestigious European Chateaus.



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